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Cherished Angels Coming Soon
Monday, January 27, 2014
Cherished Angels Coming Soon

With or without the wings you can't deny these are the perfect little angels.  Most kids love to play dress up and twirl in their fluffy tutus.  But they all get a little excited when their wings start tickeling them on the neck.  Who knew my job description would include sneaking wings on a 1 year old.  Can't wait to see all the little angels this year.   

IMAGING USA: Revival for the Spirit.
Monday, January 20, 2014

After a season of deadlines, over work and burning at both ends, Imaging USA couldn't come at a better time.  Imaging USA, the Professional Photographers of America's national conference, supports and educates photographers from all over the world.  These five days were packed full of education classes to help in every aspect of photography, from posing and lighting to business and marketing support.  Just taking one idea from these sessions can take our business to a new level. The trade show was definitely a candy jar for everyone.  Hundreds of vendors provided product demonstrations and hands on displays for everyone to see.  This really makes the difference ...

We're Famous!
Friday, January 17, 2014
Cherished Angels Coming Soon

Well maybe not famous but it was so exciting to see TWO of our senior books on display in the trade show booth at Imaging USA in Phoenix.  Our lab selects samples of all their products for display in their booth for customers to get a hands on look at what they offer.  After years of booth after booth, in so many trade shows its hard to keep track, it was a pleasant surprise to walk up and see something we created on display for thousands to view.  Our thanks to Garrett and Amanda for making such great models.       We left Imaging USA with a new passion and excitement for what we love so much--Great portraits.  I can't wait to incorporate some of ...